Can’t Stop the Drip and Sniff?

There’s finally a fix.

ClariFix ®is a minimally invasive solution that allows your doctor to get to the root of chronic rhinitis.

Don’t Just Live with It. Fix It.

Get to the root of your runny nose and nasal congestion with ClariFix, the in-office cooling treatment that stops the source of your chronic rhinitis symptoms. ClariFix Cryotherapy is convenient and provides lasting improvement with little to no downtime.8

how it works

Is ClariFix Right for You?

Do you experience…
  • A Watery, Runny Nose?
  • Nasal Congestion?
  • Congestion in the Morning?
  • Post-Nasal Drip?
  • Clearing of the Throat?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, take this assessment to get the conversation started with your doctor.

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What Is
Chronic Rhinitis?

It’s what you experience when out-of-balance nerves send too many signals to your nose, causing it to drip, run and swell more than necessary.