Clarifix Device

Chronic Rhinitis
Finally Has a
Real Solution!

Over 24 million Americans suffer from chronic rhinitis.1,2 Existing treatment options only manage symptoms, and may leave patients and their physicians unsatisfied and frustrated.

Don’t Manage It. Fix It.

ClariFix® Cryotherapy takes a COOL approach to long-lasting relief from runny nose and congestion. ClariFix is the only minimally-invasive procedure that gets to the root of chronic rhinitis.

  • Efficient procedure for in-office or surgical setting
  • Done under topical or local anesthesia
  • Utilizes cryotherapy with well-established safety profile10-16
  • The only FDA-cleared device for chronic rhinitis

The Science Behind the Solution

The nerve of chronic rhinitis
When nasal nerves are stimulated by irritants (allergic rhinitis) or even without irritants (non-allergic rhinitis), they transmit signals to the central nervous system which leads to glandular activation resulting in rhinorrhea as well as vasodilation resulting in congestion.

Get the nerves to cool it
The ClariFix Cryotherapy device uses nitrous oxide to freeze the tissue, causing 2nd degree nerve damage (Axonotmesis; cold range from -20° to -100°C 11).

Why cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy has been considered one of the safest tissue destruction methods for decades. Due to its self-limiting depth of penetration, the adjacent bone and cartilage won’t be impacted. Preservation of connective tissues and the extracellular matrix not only provides a scaffold for tissue repair and optimal healing, but also minimizes the potential of damage to the larger blood vessels.10-12

Unlike cryotherapy, heat-based tissue destruction methods are known to denature collagen, which results in inflammation13 and potentially introduces safety concerns for larger blood vessels. These methods have also been associated with neuroma formation.14

Cool Facts About Cryotherapy

  • Focused, controllable zone of effect
  • Minimal impact on connective tissues10
  • Preservation of extracellular tissue structures and blood vessels12
  • Low inflammatory reaction13
  • Rapid regeneration of mucosal tissue15,16
  • Optimal healing and minimal scarring

Clinical Studies & Results

  • Decrease in Symptoms

    Statistically significant decrease in rhinorrhea and congestion at 30, 90, 180, 365 days compared to baseline (p < 0.001)8

  • 50%+ Improvement

    On average per patient change in overall rhinorrhea and congestion at 90 days from baseline (p<0.001)7

  • Durable

    4 out of 5 patients reported long-lasting improvement7

  • Safe

    No device or procedure-related serious adverse events8

ClariFix Fits With Your Practice

  • Differentiator

    Differentiate your practice by offering an innovative solution for patients who have limited treatment options.

  • Intuitive

    Physicians rated the ClariFix device as “easy” or “moderately easy” to use in 89% of patients.7,8

  • Efficient

    Easy integration into practice workflow for effective use of physician’s time.

  • The first FDA-cleared device for chronic rhinitis

    ClariFix received FDA-clearance in 2017.